Legami is a new Italian furniture brand from an old group. More than 100 different products from different categories were supposed to enter the market under the newly established Legami brand, including sofas, tables, chairs, etc. For the market entry campaign of this brand, numerous and meticulous images were needed. But it was not possible to manufacture all products with different fabrics. Also, finding diverse and luxurious locations that are within the brand’s guidelines seems to be a difficult task. Therefore, the best option was to use 3D rendering.

Due to the client’s sensitivities regarding the quality of the image as well as the time limit, at first, there were doubts about the practicality of this method. But after doing the initial tests, the employer was convinced to make all the products with 3D images.

Being flexible and creating coordination between the design team and the 3D team was the challenge of this project. Because all the products were new and their design was not fixed. In other words, the products changed many times during modeling, and this required a lot of coordination between the design team and the visualization team.

This project was finally delivered after two months of 3D artists’ round-the-clock efforts, with the full satisfaction of the client, and was used in advertisements and brochures




Milan. Italy