Interactive Touch Panel

Designed specifically for use in showrooms and at fairs, our interactive touch panels bring your projects to life and offer clients an unparalleled level of immersion and interactivity.

With our 3D interactive representation service, clients can explore every detail of your project in real-time. They can zoom in on intricate features, view the project from different angles, and even take virtual tours of the space. This allows them to fully understand the design and appreciate its potential, leading to higher levels of client satisfaction and ultimately, greater success for your projects.


Free movement inside and outside the project 


exterior of building and neighborhood


cut building to show inner spaces


Capture and save unlimited images with desired angle

Customize the interior spaces, furniture and materials

Dimention plan of units and flats

Real window views, each floor, each flat 

search for prefarable flat and compare plans

show the project in day / night

compatible with VR head sets and toch panels

unique design, unique experince

Our interactive software is compatible with every preferable hardware and showroom design. we design a scenario for customer experience, develop dedicated software, and setup it up in touch panels, VR headsets, and other assets in the showroom to make a unique and remarkable experience for your audience.

Table touch
Vertical panel
Touch video wall

Compatible with VR headsets

VR headset is an optional part of our 3d interactive systems. it can be used as a part of the user experience and gives a fully immersive sense to your audience.


Why interactive touch panel?

Improved sales

Our immersive presentations can help you sell your projects more effectively, by giving clients a better understanding of the space and its potential.

Competitive edge

By utilizing the latest technology in your presentations, you can set yourself apart from competitors and position yourself as a leader in the industry.

Cost savings

Our touch panels are a cost-effective solution compared to other types of presentation methods, such as physical models or in-person tours.

Increase engagement

The interactive nature of our presentations encourages clients to engage with your project in a more meaningful way, leading to higher levels of interest and investment.